Poem by Maurice Raiford from North Carolina United States in year 1989

Jimmy, Jimmy
The Engineer
A Sensitive man
A man so dear

He’s come to America
To see the Land
To meet its people
To give a hand

It’s a distant Land
Free and greedy
But he does his thing
To help the needy

He’s from Pakistan
Really an artist
He’s a long way from home
Probably the farthest

But he’s trying his best
To understand the thing
The People, the ways
The Occasional sting

We’re on our way
Going together
Across the Land
In all kinds of weather

Today it’s Kansas
Tomorrow Chicago
We hope to make it
We’re a long way to go

He’s a Traditional artist
An historical realist
He tells his story
As that of a “zealist”

It’s the story of his people
Of the vast migration
The moving throngs
That made up his nation

It’s a story that can be told
And is told by many
As their people move
Seeking their destiny

We in America
Have a similar tale
Lewis and clark
The Oregon Trail

The wagon trains
The people moving
The Indians, The plains
The mountains hovering

At Long last
The shining sea
The strong ones made it
Happy to be free

Yes they made it
And we will too
All the way
To the California Zoo

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