• Honor given to Artist and Social Worker Jimmy Engineer

  • Honor given to Artist and Social Worker Jimmy Engineer

My Father, My Best Friend Saroasha's views about her father

Poem by Maurice Raiford

Welcome dear friends, art lovers and fellow humanitarians to Jimmy Engineer's Website!

Jimmy Engineer is a multi-layered artist. His art is not confined to images on canvas as his canvas extends far beyond all that is material. He prefers to be acknowledged as a simple mortal who cares for the human kingdom with a passion. That passion has been waging a war within him for over forty years, alternately translating into coloured imagery or humane deeds to support miserable souls.

Proof of his skill as an artist rests in the 3000 (and increasing) pieces of art that he has to his name. And his versatility as a person can be gauged by the extent of social services he has rendered to communities near and far.

These virtual pages contain his endeavours and achievements in art and his many labours of love which entitle him to be called – The son of Pakistan.

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